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The “Angelus” prayer is one of the main Catholic devotions, prayed three times a day. Around the globe, the Angelus bell is being ringed at 6.00 am, noon, and 6.00 pm by the Catholic churches to remind everyone to participate in the world wide praying of the Angelus.
The devotion commemorates the mystery of the incarnation of God; it is also a shortened confession of faith. Its name is derived from the first words of the prayer in Latin (“Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariæ”).Read More »

How-To Catholic Mass

How-To “Catholic Mass”

After I couldn’t find a complete guide for the order of a Catholic Mass that lists all the prayers and replies we say during service, I created one.

The following tutorial is intended for kids or new catholics, to better follow the order of mass or simply to familiarize oneself with the prayers during a Catholic service. If you want to celebrate mass abroad, I’ve also created this how-to in French and German.

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