How-To Catholic Mass

How-To “Catholic Mass”

After I couldn’t find a complete guide for the order of a Catholic Mass that lists all the prayers and replies we say during service, I created one.

The following tutorial is intended for kids or new catholics, to better follow the order of mass or simply to familiarize oneself with the prayers during a Catholic service. If you want to celebrate mass abroad, I’ve also created this how-to in French and German.

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Sand & Sky

Pink Vegan Beauty: Sand & Sky

I did something for the first time I’ve never thought I would ever do: Buy a product just because it was advertised on my Facebook feed. I scrolled, I saw, I ordered – just like that. And to my surprise I didn’t have any second thoughts – it felt pretty great actually.

If you’re in their target group, I’m sure you have also seen the pink and baby blue ad more than once: Sand & Sky’s “Brilliant Skin” face mask.

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