Mary, Mother of God

Salve Regina

The “Salve Regina” / “Hail Holy Queen” prayer was originally composed in Latin during the Middle Ages. This liturgical chant has been sung in monasteries for over 1,000 years! To this day, the Mother of Jesus, who is also our Mother, is called for her intercession with this prayer.
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Street in Melbourne

First Time Melbourne


When you travel from Europe, like we did, you won’t see Europe-style Melbourne’s uniqueness at first. But the vivid city in the very south of Australia offers plenty of secret gems.

There is no end to explore the capital of Australians state of Victoria, but you can easily get a good overview and do the common sights in a couple of days. Melbs, how the locals call their city, is relatively small for a metropolis.

Melbournes city center is the CBD (central business district), which would be the ideal location for your accommodation. Alternatively, the district of Southbank is also very central, as it is basically an extension of the CBD.

Tip: Try to stay in an Airbnb in one of the new apartment buildings in Southbank – you will get a breathtaking view on the city’s concrete jungle from your living room!

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