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Hi and welcome to “le blog noir”!

My name is Christine, I’m 33, and the author of this little blog. Le blog noir is where I talk Christian (Catholic) faith, life as a vegan, my zero waste journey, travel, music, and an overall sustainable and minimalist lifestyle.

After having lived most of my life in Germany, stints of living in South Africa, and lots of traveling around the world, I currently live as a German expat in France (near Geneva) with my husband.

In the real world I am a tourism and travel manager, so many posts revolve around that. I love travel blogs myself and to see photos from places I’ve never been to or places I love and miss, so I hope you will enjoy my travel posts as well!

Other blog topics are mostly about the things I am interested in and that are close to my heart: I am a practicing Catholic, I’ve been 99% vegan (but 100% vegetarian!) since 2010, and I just started the zero waste challenge in 2018. With this blog, I hope I can inform, enlighten, and inspire you a little.

For any questions or feedback, feel free to ask / text me by sending me an email: hello@leblognoir.com.
I would love to hear from you!

<3 Christine

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