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Hi and welcome to le blog noir!

About Me

My name is Christine, I’m 33, and the author of this little blog. I currently live in France – my husband started working in the beautiful French-Swiss frontier region near Lake Geneva and I followed him there.

What is “le blog noir” About?

Being an expat with all its experiences is already worth a blog. 🙂 Also…I love reading expats’ blogs myself, so I hope you enjoy reading mine, too.

In the real world I am a tourism and travel manager, so of course many posts revolve around that (travel is also a huge passion of mine). I love to go through travel photos from places I’ve never been to or from places I love and miss, so I hope to be able to deliver that to you as well.

The blog topics mainly reflect my own journey and the things I am currently interested in and that are close to my heart: I am catholic, as-vegan-as-possible, and I just started out the zero waste challenge. 🙂

The wide range of topics has been deliberately chosen (and not only for missionary reasons 😉 ). Faith and sustainable living aren’t mutually exclusive in my opinion; the contrary is the case. As Christians, we believe that all humans are stewards of God’s creation that He has entrusted us with. And I believe we should be good stewards – as good as humanly possible. That does not only include caring for the people around us, but also for our beautiful nature and everything that’s living in it. In the end it’s everyone’s own decision in one’s very own circumstances how to be a good steward.

“If we approach nature and the environment without this openness to awe and wonder, if we no longer speak the language of fraternity and beauty in our relationship with the world, our attitude will be that of masters, consumers, ruthless exploiters, unable to set limits on their immediate needs.”

– Pope Francis, from “Laudato Si'” (#11)

Another objective really is to show that being a practicing Christian as well as trying to live a sustainable life doesn’t necessarily mean one has to live either in a cloister or in the woods. It’s a fun life with lots of beauty in it and learning new things every day. It’s a great adventure!

I also like things the easy way. Reading through long texts on the web, scanning for the answers I’m looking for usually annoys me. I am German, so I want facts instead of embroidered text passages when I look for information. 😉 Therefore this blog will basically be my collection of bullet point lists that try to explain stuff very easily.

If you have any questions or feedback, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to ask / text me anything by sending me an email: hello@leblognoir.com

<3 Christine

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