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How to Make Your Own Sauerkraut at Home

Making your own sauerkraut at home couldn’t be easier: You just need two ingredients and a little bit of patience.

Here’s the recipe for Germany’s national dish:

What You Need

  • raw white cabbage
  • salt
  • large bowl
  • screw top jars


1Rinse out the jars with hot water.

“2”Shred or cut the cabbage into strips.

“3”Layer the cut cabbage with plenty of salt in the bowl.

“4”Knead thoroughly with your hands until it gets already a little watery.

“5”Fill into the jars a spoonful at a time and press down the kraut occasionally. In the end, the sauerkraut should be covered with juice.

“6”Close the jars well and store at room temperature in a large pot or dripping pan as juice might leak during the fermentation.

“7”After a few days the fermentation process has begun; move the sauerkraut jars to a cool and dark location and let them ferment for about two to three weeks.


After the fermentation, enjoy your DIY sauerkraut directly or keep the kraut jars stored in the dark and cool location.

Sauerkraut Jar

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