Lefthanders Feature

Lefthander Problems: The Struggle is Real

Since there is an (inter)national day for everything now, even us lefties got their very own: August 13th is International Lefthanders Day! Maybe a special recognition by society as a compensation for all the struggles they put us into? πŸ˜‰

We might receive the most charming compliments only because we are using the “wrong” hand or foot (“Lefthanders are so creative! smart! musically!”). But actually, in a right-handers world, we face many complicated situations in our everyday life that most right-handed people probably never thought about.

Here’s a little peek into the lefty world:

Notebook Rings / Binders
Ring notebooks and binders are probably the most obvious items solely created for righties: The effect they have on a left-hander is very much visible on their lower arm skin after class…
Besides, how can any teacher expect readable writing from a lefty when they cannot even reach the paper?

Right-Handed Desks in Classrooms
Another thing that makes school even more annoying. All classroom designers listen up: Please cross them from your repertoire, it is nearly impossible for 10% of all people to write on them.

Cutting (It’s Not Only the Scissors)
You probably knew that a lefty cannot use right-handers scissors. But did you know that even knives are designed for righties? They are ground in a way that they cut best when used with the right hand – used by a lefty, the knife has a different angle and cuts not as good.

Can Openers
I recently realized that we need to use them less and less – cans mostly come with an opener nowadays. So thankful! It is always a mess opening a can with your arms crossed.

Dirty Heel of Hand
We are marked for life! This is the easiest way to spot a left-hander: the chronically dirty heal of their left hands. Seriously, we do clean our hands, but it takes a lot of time and effort to scrub off all that ink from the skin.
Thinking about it, I really appreciate the shift from handwriting to writing digitally. πŸ™‚

Smeared Ink
The causer of the above. Particularly annoying when writing postcards.

Pens on Strings
They are always located on the right side. After you have awkwardly put the pen (if the string is even long enough) on the paper, you can choose if you hold the paper with your right hand OR the string above the pen to avoid writing on it. You basically need three hands to master that situation.

Writing on Chalkboards
Here’s another lefty thing where we look embarrassingly funny: Trying to write on a chalkboard. I am left-handed, but I still think this does not look right at all.

Right-Handed Parents with Left-Handed Kids
My parents really tried, but gave up to teach me how to knit, crochet, tying the shoelaces, play table tennis, …

Printed Mugs
Upside-down mugs are not for lefties – and the message inside the mug is only readable by the person sitting opposite you at the breakfast table. Same goes for latte art, kettles with the window on one side only, …basically for all drinking vessels with a handle supposed to grab with your right hand. Or for printed pens.

Paying with Credit Cards
Swiping is made for righties!

Number Pads on Keyboards
Technical development is not always advantageous for lefties… Keyboard number pads are another thing that make you reach over the entire item you want to use. It. looks. So. Awkward.

Sitting Next to a Righty
I know, I know, the elbow war is mutual. A right-handed and a left-handed person sitting next to each other is no fun – neither as a kid in school, nor as a grown up at university or a restaurant. The person next to you limits your usual personal space an awful lot. Black and blue marks, funny bone aches, etc. are not uncommon when your neighbor attacks you (only because they want to write or eat!).
But restaurants are even more trouble for left-handers: The glass on your left you are used to grab is actually your neighbors drink.

The Annoying Lefthander
I confess – we lefties are so happy when we spot a fellow left-hander that we just HAVE to let everyone know. Every time. Preferably during a meal, or at the movies (and there are many left-handed actors…).

The lesson is clear: We lefties are not more intelligent or creative by nature, but because we are trying to survive in a world made for righties. We are simply rising to each new challenge. πŸ™‚

There is, though, one big plus for lefties: The back buttons in phone apps are usually located top LEFT…

I hope you enjoy reading my blog – if you do, please consider supporting le blog noir. Thank you! β™₯
One coffee please!

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