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The Best and Easiest Face Mask Ever

Here’s the recipe of my fav face mask – the mud mask:

What you need

  • small bowl
  • teaspoon
  • about 3 tsp. healing earth (e.g. Luvos healing earth no. 2)
  • about 2 tsp. of lukewarm water
  • a little squeeze of lemon juice


1Clean your face with lukewarm water.“2”Put the healing earth, water, and lemon juice in the bowl.

“3”Mix with the spoon until you get a homogeneous creme.

“4”If necessary, gently add a little more water (if too dry) or some healing earth (if too watery).

“5”Apply mask evenly on face (not too thick).

“6”Leave on for about 20 minutes or until dry.

“7”Wash off with lukewarm water (no facecloth necessary); the healing earth can also be used as a peeling (rub face mask gently in while washing it off).

“8”Lotion your face, e.g. with a little organic coconut oil.

Face Mask

This healing earth face mask has been my favorite for years and no purchased face mask has ever been as good as this homemade one.

I try to use the mud mask about twice a month, but in reality I only put it on whenever I have a ‘bad skin day’ 😉 . What I love about this face mask is that every time I use it I see immediate results. My skin never got irritated or dried up after applying this mask – it always feels clean and smooth and the pores seem smaller, too.

The face mask is…

  • vegan
  • minimalist: only one real ingredient (healing earth)
  • zero waste applicable: healing earth package is made of carton and paper
  • natural: free from any chemicals
  • money-saving: one healing earth package lasts for many face mask applications

Mud Mask

The healing earth mask helps…

  • against acne and blemished skin
  • reducing the oiliness
  • reducing the redness (anti-inflammatory)
  • visibly diminishing the pores (purifying)

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