Galette des rois

Galette des Rois – King Cake

The best thing about living in France is, obviously, the direct access to the world’s tastiest baguettes and croissants – nothing can ever beat the original! Therefore we really enjoy our daily trip to our local boulangerie-pâtisserie. Even the “BONJOUR MADAME” by the saleswoman is like music to our ears (and the French really do sing their ‘bonjour’ 😉 ).

You might have noticed the many pie-like cakes in the French bakeries now in January, and people who buy one get some paper-crowns as well. The crowns already give a hint: These cakes, that are traditionally sold in France from Christmas to the end of January, are called “galette des rois” – king cake.

In these flat, round, puff pastry pies filled with almond paste, there is always a little “fève” (English: bean) baked into. In the past, there were really beans hidden in those cakes, but today they are mostly little plastic figures. Sometimes they can even become collectables and of value.

The one who finds the fève in their own slice is king and gets the crown. 🙂 Sometimes there are, for whatever reason, cakes with two beans, and therefore you’ll get two crowns with the cake (now THREE beans and crowns would make more sense, wouldn’t they?).

We had a little bicycling piggy who’s getting baguettes in our galette des rois, and my husband was king. 😀

Galette des rois with fève
Galette des rois with fève

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