Skiing in Crozet

The skiing season 2017/2018 is in full swing! Especially this year, since we could already hit the slopes in early December – excited locals tell us that this hasn’t been the case here for the past couple of years.

Close by

When you recently moved to, like we did, or live in the area of Geneva / Meyrin (CH) or Pays de Gex (F), you don’t even have to drive far to enjoy a great day on the piste. The famous big ski areas of Chamonix, Tignes, Val d’Isère, etc. are surely fun for a whole day ski trip. But from your (new) home, you can be on the slopes in as quickly as half an hour and therefore enjoy a very spontaneous afternoon downhill run.

Skiing in Crozet
Skiing in Crozet

You might have passed Crozet a few times before and have seen the “télécabine” signs, probably picturing it being a tiny lift and piste. At least that’s what I expected!
But the ski are is not only for families and beginners, but for skiers of every level.

Here are a few facts about the ski area “Lélex-Crozet”:

  • biggest ski area of the Jura Mountains (30 km)
  • 15 ski lifts, including 2 gondola lifts
  • 26 ski-runs for alpine skiing (10 green / 8 blue / 5 red / 3 black ones)

Opening Times

“Lélex-Crozet” is open daily until March 18th, 2018, then only opened on Wednesdays and weekends on the Crozet side. The ski area will close on April 2nd, 2018 (dependent on the snow conditions).

Ski area Lélex-Crozet
Ski area Lélex-Crozet

Up-To-Date Online Info

Don’t be discouraged when the weather in the valley is cloudy – often you have pure sunshine and blue skies when the gondola lift takes you above the clouds! Check the webcams on the ski area’s official website for current weather conditions. Information on which pistes and ski lifts are currently open you can find on

Ski Gear

You can rent your ski equipment at the Intersport store in St. Genis Pouilly, which is only about three minutes from Crozet.
There is also a ski rental shop directly next to the station at the bottom of the gondola lift (Looping Sports), but I honestly cannot recommend this ski rental shop. Most of the time there are very long lines either in front of the shop or inside at the checkout. They also didn’t adjust my husband’s skies correctly one time – luckily he noticed it before he hit the slopes. Mistakes can happen, but the Looping Sports staff wasn’t even sorry and according to them this happens quite often. We are used to practically non-existing customer service here in France by now, but when it comes to skiing, we really need to trust the people who are responsible for the ski adjustments. So we definitely cannot recommend them anymore.

Ski Pass

The ticket office for the ski passes, which is located next to the ski rental shop and the bottom of the gondola lift, can also be quite busy. There’s an option to buy your ski passes online: Monts Jura ski passes (here’s an overview of the fares). Keep your ski pass card for next time to save the € 2 you have to pay for the card.


To get to the ski area, here’s the address for your GPS: Route de la Telecabine, 01170 Crozet, France.

Big parking area available directly at the station at the bottom of the gondola lift in Crozet (free of charge!).

Here’s few practical words in French for your ski day:

ski area – la station

ski pass – le forfait

gondola lift – la télécabine

ski lifts – remontées mécaniques

ski rental – la location de ski

winter – l’hiver

snow – la neige

Enjoy your day on the pistes of Crozet! And most importantly: Enjoy the best view of the Alps and Lake Geneva while skiing – simply breathtaking!

View of the Alps from Crozet
View of the Alps from Crozet
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