Make room Hello Kitty! Here’s your new favorite Sanrio character: GUDETAMA – the lazy egg.

That’s right. Forget Grumpy Cat and meet the lazy, always depressed egg yolk Gudetama. Yup, Japan’s most popular new mascot (new as in new to us non-Asians) is an EGG YOLK.

Gudetama - the lazy egg

His (?) name “Gudetama” consists of the Japanese characters “lazy” and “egg”…and that’s literally what he is. And he is. Everywhere. At least in Asia.

When my husband and I traveled to Taiwan in 2016, we learned about his existence virtually right away. Like, there is no way you can be in Taiwan and not notice him. I bet it is the same in Japan, where he’s originally from. There’s Gudetama merchandise all over the place. Gudetama shirts, Gudetama towels, Gudetama handbags, or Gudetama phone cases are just the beginning. You’ll find him at every night market stand as a sweet dessert or any other imaginable or not-so-imaginable dish, Gudetama cakes, cotton candy, stuffed animals, you name it. Rumor has it there’s even a chocolate pooping Gudetama?! (Why isn’t that surprising…)

Night Market Stand Display
Night Market Stand Display

The Japanese even have a word for extremely cute stuff, like their mascots (Gudetama & friends), or rather an expression that indicates the level of how cute something is. The word Kawaii lets you know about the quality of cuteness.

To get to know our little fella Gudetama a bit better, watch a few of his episodes on YouTube:

There are no words to describe this, right? After the initial confusion about that little egg (I think you can relate if you watched the video) I have to admit though, that we grew quite fond of him. You just don’t ask any more questions about the meaning of his existence, you just accept him and start loving him (especially since you cannot ignore him over there anyways).

night market
Can you spot our little friend? (hint: he’s having a beer)

So after ten days in Taiwan and spotting sweet sad Gudetama at almost every occasion, we did get infected. We couldn’t resist and bought some Gudetama merchandise in the end, and brought him back home with us.

Even though I don’t think the Gudetama character would work here in Europe, I still wanted to introduce this guy with y’all, just because he is too odd and too kawaii not to share his existence with the world. 😉 I really recommend to visit him in Japan or Taiwan some time. And please let me know when you’ve seen him anywhere else, too.

Gudetama smile
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