Feature Ave Maria

Hail Mary

The “Hail Mary” / “Ave Maria” is one of the main prayers of the Catholic Church. With this prayer, the Mother of Jesus, Mary, is being called. Its name is taken from the beginning of the prayer in the English or the Latin version.Read More »

Basil Feature

Self Herb: How to Cultivate Your Own Basil at Home

How many times did I buy a pot of basil for my kitchen at the farmers market, rather than just getting a few bunches – hoping I could harvest my little plant whenever I need basil for cooking (sustainability!!…plus it looks so nice and chefy to have a basil plant on your window sill <3). That was the plan every single time. It must be possible that the plants can survive my care a little longer than just two weeks!? But it did not work once and I was buying a new basil pot every time the old one died.Read More »